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GIGANTIC LOVES A GOOD BARGAIN! CLMP 8th Annual Literary Magazine Fair at Housing Works, Sunday, May 31st, 12-5pm
28/05/2009, 10:10 am
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NYC Poster

Join Gigantic in celebrating CLMP’s 10th Annual Lit Mag Marathon Weekend this Sunday, May 31st, at the Literary Magazine Fair hosted by Housing Works bookstore.

The Fair will take place from 12-5pm at Housing Works Used Books Café- located at 126 Crosby Street – just south of Houston Street (just East of Broadway). Subway Directions: take the B,F,V, to Broadway-Lafayette, or the N, R to Prince Street. For more information and directions, please visit their website at:

Choose from hundreds of magazines from all over the country and hobnob with many of the editors who’ll be there in person to meet and greet. Proceeds go to Housing Works, a nonprofit organization serving homeless people living with AIDS, and to The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, a nonprofit organization serving independent literary publishers.

Break open your piggie banks, roll in your wheelbarrows and get out your coffee table extensions! All lit mags representated at the Fair will be sold for $2!

McSweeney’s, The Rumpus and SMITH Mag Present: You’re Not Alone
26/05/2009, 11:54 am
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McSweeney’s, The Rumpus and SMITH Mag are throwing a party, “You’re Not Alone,” Saturday, May 30, 2009, the pinnacle of the Book Expo America weekend extravaganza. Don’t miss this event, hosted by Stephen Elliott, editor of The Rumpus. It’s sure to be the hit of BEA.

In honor of this event,  and of a Rumpus column “The Last Book I Loved,” HTML Giant is offering free tickets to the winner of a contest for the best six-word statement about the last book he/she loved.

Picture 19

There will also be special guests, such as Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls and others…

If you happen not to win the contest, you can purchase tickets to this event here. Or visit the website for the event here.

Doors open at 6, show starts at 7:00.

elimae: a reading, featuring 6+ Gigantic coeditors and contributors


elimae: a reading @ kgb bar in nyc

Totally last minute, but if you’re in the NYC area, come check out elimae: a reading tonight at KGB Bar, featuring 6+ Gigantic coeditors and contributors. A “marathon” of “three minute or less readings” from a roster of fine writers including, but not limited to:

Shya Scanlon, Lincoln Michel*, Rozalia Jovanovic*, Kimberly King Parsons, James Yeh*, Justin Taylor*, Nicolle Elizabeth, Tao Lin*, Nick Antosca, Todd Zuniga*, Dennis DiClaudio, John Madera, Timmy Waldron, Forrest Roth, Terese Svoboda, Barry Graham, Dawn Raffel, Sasha Graybosch, Eric Nusbaum and more.

(* denotes Gigantic coeditor or contributor)

Hosted by Shya Scanlon. Admission is free.

Tuesday, May 26th @ KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, NYC 7pm

the blood of the writers and the beer of the bars


Picture 7

Last weekend’s LitCrawl–which included Gigantic amongst many other fine NYC magazines and was a featured Goings on About Town in The New Yorker–was a great success. If you missed it, you can vicariously live the excitement in Suzanne Pettypiece’s article for Poets & Writers, Lit Crawl: Postcard From New York City. Gigantic‘s tale starts at the bottom of page one and continues for most of page two.

At 8 PM, right on schedule, the thumping dance music softened and the lights dimmed. A disco ball hanging just overhead splattered the audience and walls with red dots. Author Tao Lin—whose new press, Muumuu House, hosted its own event, Cash-Money-Obama Millionaires—stood up from where he was sitting on the floor, just beside the towering DJ booth, and gave us our first sign that we were about to be served from a nontraditional literary menu.

Also check out this video, the second half of which shows Tao Lin‘s Gigantic microreading as well as a short interview with Gigantic co-editor James Yeh.

tao at lit crawl

Gigantic Microreaders for the night included Ben Blum, Andrew Bulger, Matt Di Paoli, Yuka Igarashi, Tao Lin and James J. Williams III.

Picture 8

Gigantic received a very nice shout out over at the New Pages blog:

The first issue of Gigantic is out, and it indeed holds up to its name (or rather, needs to be held up). This puppy is big, but in a fun-to-read-on-the-bus sort of way, and I imagine the superlarge, four-color image by Nat Russel of dancing cowboys is going to end up decorating a lot of walls.

Picture 11

Lastly, McNally Jackson has some financial advice for you:

For $3.00, you could maybe buy a small fancy coffee drink, or a half of a pint of beer, or three normal-sized Snickers. You could also buy Gigantic. Gigantic is a brand new literary magazine, very big with many very small, very great things inside–like Ed Park’s story about visiting a nursing home, Jason Morphew’s poem about balls (yes), and lots of drawings that I only want to call “hand-drawn.” You should buy Gigantic with your $3.00.

Gigantic FLATS
21/05/2009, 9:16 pm
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Gigantic FLATS and the FIRST TEN

In order to show our gratitude to the first ten people who supported us by purchasing Gigantic Issue #1, each of the FIRST TEN will receive a FLAT. A FLAT is an item specially designed for Gigantic. In this case the FLAT is either one limited edition print from Andrew Bulger, or an original illustration by Nat Russell, both of whom were featured in the first issue of Gigantic.



Andrew Bulger

IMG_0002Nat Russell


1. Ben Stroud

2. Tye Pemberton

3. Nina Schloesser

4. Audun Mortensesn (from Oslo!)

5. Matthew Rossi

6. Ken Baumann

7. Brian Smith

8. Ryan Call

9. Tony Luebbert

10. Rachel Cantor

But with the Vehicle it Requires Changing the Notion of the Wheel
15/05/2009, 4:19 pm
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– Mitchell Joachim






They’re not kidding around in France.
13/05/2009, 9:37 am
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                                                                                  Photo by Jerome Jakubiec

Gigantic Raffle Prize Winners
10/05/2009, 12:28 pm
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Todd_ZunigaTodd Zuniga, editor of Opium Magazine, presenting his hilarious and satirical graphic art panels at the Gigantic launch.


1) Mark Doten

2) Laura Renga

3) J. Lathigra

WHAT THEY WON (Respectively)

1) Four Graphic Art Panels by Todd Zuniga


2) Three photographs by Mark Hewko


3) Altered Cover and Platonic Love Notes by James J.Williams III



We had two separate “HATS,” the ART HAT and the  PLAYER HAT. The first included the three prizes, and the other included the raffle stubs of all the players. For each piece selected from ART HAT, we selected a corresponding winner from the PLAYER HAT. All art was graciously donated by artists Todd, Mark and James, whose work was represented in the first issue of Gigantic.


We’d like to thank the artists for their generous contributions and thank all of those who entered the raffle for your gigantic support.