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“You Don’t Know Me!” Benefit Bash Post-Press Round Up

*All photos courtesy of Scallywag & Vagabond.


Check out their recap of the night’s revelry here.  Here’s a snippet:

“BOMB Magazine with Gigantic and Opium magazines hosted an end-of-summer bash at Bowery Electric featuring a musical performance by a drag queen, two short plays, and another musical act that consisted largely of a guy speaking (rhythmically) to the audience about a dream he had, set to music. So of course, this means we need to talk about one thing: wolves. Or, in this case, ‘werewolves.'”       ~ Scallywag and Vagabond



In case you missed our earlier post, the Observer also ran a great review of the night.


Much thanks to our performers and to all who attended!  As well as to those who ran pre-press for the event and helped promote the evening including: HTML Giant, The New Yorker, Black Book, ARTmostfierce, [THING], The Daily News, and anyone who posted who we may have missed.

To join in the next Gigantic literary bash, stay tuned for news about our upcoming Issue II launch party!

Clancy Martin Interview, Michael Martin Fiction
22/09/2009, 7:32 pm
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Two new items up at the Gigantic website:

First is a fairly long interview with Clancy Martin, where Gigantic co-editor Lincoln Michel asks the novelist and philosopher some questions about the color yellow, Barry Hannah, Nirvana, the Greek god Dionysus, continental philosophy and how you write a novel.

Second is The soft destruction of a single entity over a period of time one might call, aging, a new short by Michael Martin.

Check them out!

New website launch, new features

It is here:

Picture 41

New website launch, new features, Art by Thomas Doyle, Fiction by Shya Scanlon and Fiction by J.A. Tyler.

Huge thanks go out to Joanna Neborsky, for designing it, and Daniel Carvalho, for programming it.

Stay tuned for weekly-ish updates!

art by thomas doyle

Gigantic Has Caught The Serialization Bug
03/09/2009, 8:52 am
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Gigantic is excited to announce that we will be publishing the 18th installment of Shya Scanlon’s new novel, Forecast, now being serialized online at various literary portals!  Stay tuned for Shya’s September 14th Gigantic debut.  For a full schedule of Forecast 42 Project visit Scanlon’s site.  

To get started, check out Shya’s reading of the Preamble, above.

In other exciting news, along with a host of feverish bloggers and online enthusiasts, Gigantic has greatly enjoyed following the September 1st arrival of J. A. Tyler’s novel, The Zoo, A Going.  Tyler is now publishing The Zoo, A Going in online serialization here.  76 installments in 24 hour cycles.  Don’t miss Day 8’s, the mountain lion! 

For more work from both of these authors, please visit Gigantic’s soon-to-be-launced new website – protosite now available – full site due to be unveiled this month!