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Periodically Speaking Reading Series features Gigantic at The New York Public Library
02/06/2009, 10:15 am
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Gigantic is excited to announce that we will be participating in Periodically Speaking, a CLMP/NYPL sponsored reading series.  Writer Adam Wilson will be introduced by co-editor Ann DeWitt on behalf of Gigantic. We look forward to sharing the evening with editors and writers from Habitas and Tantalum.  The readings will be held at the New York Public library next Tuesday night, June 9th, 6 – 7:30 pm. The official press release is below:


The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses [CLMP] and The New York Public Library present Periodically Speaking, a reading series providing a major venue for emerging writers to present their work while emphasizing the diversity of America’s literary magazines and the magazine collections of The New York Public Library. Each event presents writers from three influential literary magazines, introduced by their editors.

Program iii

Tuesday, June 9th, 6 – 7:30 pm

Habitus: A Diaspora Journal

Habitus is poised to make a lasting impact with its unique global vision, world-class writing, and original translations. While rooted in the experience and language of the Jewish Diaspora, the magazine cannot be limited by the parochial boundaries of any single group. Habitus is not just about cataloguing distinctions. It’s a way of using the whole world as raw material for creating a more complete picture of ourselves.

Editor Joshua Ellison introduces writer Leonid Kostyukov’s fiction and translator Mariya Gusev.


Tantalum, a literary annual, presents the many possibilities of the fictive, exploring a diversity of forms, methods, and ideas. Tantalum is interested in work that cultivates its own expectations, as necessary, moving across the boundaries of known forms and engaging their thresholds.

Editor Yasmine Alwan introduces poet Mina Pam Dick.


Gigantic is a new biannual literary arts journal based in New York that features short prose, dialogues, art and poetry. The debut issue, launched in April 2009, included fiction from Ed Park, Justin Taylor, and Shane Jones along with other new, exciting voices; dialogues with Malcolm Gladwell, Gary Shteyngart, Deb Olin Unferth, Joe Wenderoth and Tao Lin; and artwork including line drawings, collage and photography both odd and beautiful.

Co-Editor Ann DeWitt introduces fiction writer Adam Wilson.


Writer, Adam Wilson

It’s A Picture. Images from Issue 1 Launch Party.

Gigantic Issue 1 Launch Party and Benefit, Starr Space, Brooklyn, NY, April 25th, 2009


For a Full Slideshow of the Evenings Delights, Please See: 1 Launch Party/?albumview=slideshow

Gigantic launch party, April 25th


Gigantic magazine and friends


Just a quick little news post here.

Gigantic #1 preview posts are up if you missed them: Gigantic art preview and fiction preview. Interview preview to come.

We have also been taking pre-orders, which have been rolling in from as far away as Norway. Seriously.

In Gigantic friends news:

Todd Zuniga will be interveiwing Gigantic contributors Tao Lin and Justin Taylor for Opium Live on March 3rd. He is also seeking submissions for great writing advice you’ve been told.

Ed Park will be talking about literary magazines on March 10th. He also read with Deb Olin Unferth last night.

Sam Lipsyte has been reading from his new novel, The Ask, at Russian Samovar. Scope a YouTube here.

Adam Wilson has started a regular column on Friday Night Lights for Flavor Wire.

Kristen O’Toole blogs there as well.

Gigantic #1: One-Sentence Prose Preview


Art (with Nate Russell, Todd Zuniga, Jerome Jakubiec and more) and interviews (with Malcolm Gladwell, Deb Olin Unferth, Gary Shteyngart, Sam Lipsyte and more) to come!


Andrew Bulger

One-Sentence Prose Preview

The look of: I want to tear your bloody head off.
Derek Johnson as distorted by Rozalia Jovanovic

It was just large enough for me to fit my arm through.
Ben Blum

Mostly I drive in search of half-wits at public libraries, all day bars, halfway houses, and Sears Roebucks.
Doug Elsass

…taking a wheel off a skateboard and taping the hamster to where the wheel was and trying to skateboard with one wheel as a hamster…
Tao Lin

It wasn’t like there wasn’t discussion.
Yuka Igarashi

She asks me if I watched the news and I say I don’t watch the news and she should know that.
Matt Di Paoli

Ed Park

Our neighbors had been hosting a slumber party.
Kristen O’Toole

“Are we going to have to participate?” my husband asked.
Anya Yurchyshyn

He reminds me that it isn’t an ocean, it’s a river, and then he asks me what my problem is.
Dan Bevacqua

If asked, I would even say she is sweet all over, and would mean what I said, though of course this is figurative language.
Justin Taylor

Also, we lived in a village of giants.
Shane Jones

Kenny Aquiles

Then he looked at porn on his grandfather’s computer and accidentally spilled jizz on his grandfather’s tackle box.
Lauren Spohrer

The nightly detonations continue.
Pedro Ponce

“I’m not a bad girl,” she said, as if morality had something to do with it.
Adam Wilson