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21/05/2009, 9:16 pm
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Gigantic FLATS and the FIRST TEN

In order to show our gratitude to the first ten people who supported us by purchasing Gigantic Issue #1, each of the FIRST TEN will receive a FLAT. A FLAT is an item specially designed for Gigantic. In this case the FLAT is either one limited edition print from Andrew Bulger, or an original illustration by Nat Russell, both of whom were featured in the first issue of Gigantic.



Andrew Bulger

IMG_0002Nat Russell


1. Ben Stroud

2. Tye Pemberton

3. Nina Schloesser

4. Audun Mortensesn (from Oslo!)

5. Matthew Rossi

6. Ken Baumann

7. Brian Smith

8. Ryan Call

9. Tony Luebbert

10. Rachel Cantor


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Cool! Looking forward to this!

Comment by Anthony L.

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