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We are closing our blog.
03/07/2010, 12:19 pm
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As of July 3rd, 2010, we will no longer be updating this site. Please find us online at the official Gigantic page:, which will feature Gigantic Web content, Gigantic news, Gigantic purchases. In short, all things Gigantic.

Thank you.

New online content and a call for submissions!
27/01/2010, 11:41 pm
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Little Big Cremaster by Paul Willerton

a message from gigantic to you.

Dear readers,

We have new content on our website. Including:

-A story and poem by Saša Stanišić.

-A story by Brian Hurley.

-An exclusive preview of LITTLE BIG CREMASTER 3 and the full LITTLE BIG CREMASTER 2 by Paul Willerton.

We also have a special announcement:

Gigantic #2, the America issue, is coming out next month! We promise it will have more screams than a bald eagle, be more stunning than purple mountains majesty and taste almost as fresh as mom’s apple pie. Some of the literary legends whose names will be engraved on the steep cliff of its pages include Sam Lipsyte, Lydia Millet, Clancy Martin, Margo Jefferson, Ken Sparling, Deb Olin Unferth and Adrian Tomine.

In anticipation of issue 2, Uncle Gigantic wants YOU! to send us your biographies of famous Americans. These can be as short as you want, as true as you want and in whatever style or form you want. The only requirement it is that the subject is American and your patriotic words total no more than 300. That’s 300 words maximum, good citizen. Please send them to Giganticmag at with the words “American Bio” in the subject line. We will read them from now until March 1st and post our favorites online with accompanying art.

Thank you,

The Editors

special: gigantic mini-monster issue
02/11/2009, 11:04 am
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illustration courtesy of andrew bulger.

the gigantic mini-monster issue:

brian evenson talks to adrian van young about the imperative of modern horror film

fiction by sasha fletcher and carmen lau

videos by monofonus

Clancy Martin Interview, Michael Martin Fiction
22/09/2009, 7:32 pm
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Two new items up at the Gigantic website:

First is a fairly long interview with Clancy Martin, where Gigantic co-editor Lincoln Michel asks the novelist and philosopher some questions about the color yellow, Barry Hannah, Nirvana, the Greek god Dionysus, continental philosophy and how you write a novel.

Second is The soft destruction of a single entity over a period of time one might call, aging, a new short by Michael Martin.

Check them out!

New website launch, new features

It is here:

Picture 41

New website launch, new features, Art by Thomas Doyle, Fiction by Shya Scanlon and Fiction by J.A. Tyler.

Huge thanks go out to Joanna Neborsky, for designing it, and Daniel Carvalho, for programming it.

Stay tuned for weekly-ish updates!

art by thomas doyle