Gigantic magazine


Statement of Purpose Unabridged

1) Language as Act[1]

2) alternative venue[2]

3) an object no more permanent[3]

4) life[4]

5) explode[5]

6) unlovely[6]

7) cheap[7]

[1] A statement that is urgent to the declarer even though it might put the declarer in an awkward or dangerous position.

[2] An alternative venue is kind of like when someone’s work gets rejected from a renowned weekly and is tossed in the garbage; then an intern takes it out of the garbage and says this is not garbage, this is worth reading, and then publishes it in a magazine but doesn’t tell his bosses at the magazine he interns for incase they might get mad and fire him, also changing the name of the renowned weekly to “The Renowned Weekly”.

[3] We try to forget what we see or how we see it.

[4] It’s continuous, contiguous and traceable.

[5] What a bomb does.

[6] We will work hard to ensure you do not see the following words or phrases, or words or phrases like them: glimmer, shimmer, swaths, bleating, said flatly, beads of sweat, strange, tussle, clouded, glares, beamed, throbbed, grasped, lapis lazuli, gem, flew out of her hand.

[7] Print versions won’t cost a lot, will cost, in fact, very little compared to other literary journals. We intend for lots of people to get it and enjoy it.

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Looking forward to it! I’m very happy to see the list of words and phrases you will be avoiding. Could you please add nihilistic, deracinated, apocalyptic and lapidary to the list? Oh yeah, and limn, too. McSweeney’s recently managed to use all of these words (and most of yours, too) in an article about Gidget, proving once and for all that there is no topic to which they can’t be applied.

Comment by kristin

Quite nice. I nearly throbbed. Wait, scratch that. Beamed. No. Oops, diction slipped again.

Comment by just another kristin

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