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We are closing our blog.
03/07/2010, 12:19 pm
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As of July 3rd, 2010, we will no longer be updating this site. Please find us online at the official Gigantic page:, which will feature Gigantic Web content, Gigantic news, Gigantic purchases. In short, all things Gigantic.

Thank you.

New Gigantic Deals
24/03/2010, 10:28 am
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The next 30 subscription orders will receive a free limited edition “flat” of Gigantic America Bios artist Andre da Loba’s newest untitled work, pictured above. There will be two sets of Andre’s prints offered as part of this subscriber special; one set of the bear wearing a blue hat, another set of the bear wearing an orange hat. Each set is from a limited edition of 25.

A one-year subscription (2 issues total, beginning with Issue 2, including shipping and handling, and a “flat”) is $18.

Interested parties may PayPal giganticmag [at]


The next five 2-yr subscription orders will, in addition to receiving a free “flat” by Andre da Loba, receive a free Gigantic Bag!

The special limited edition bags (out of 36) were designed and handmade by Gigantic In-house Illustrator Andrew Bulger, who is pictured above. Silkscreened by hand, constructed from 5 oz. 100% cotton fabric, “100% ecological-friendly.” The design for the hand-printed bags were inspired by the original Gutenberg Printing Press.

Says the artist: “I drew with white chalk on black paper to create a basic outline of the image. Then using an X-acto knife I removed the negative space leaving a black paper version of the design. Photocopying the paper to create a transparency of it, I was then able to use the transparency with photosensitive emulsion to create a silkscreen.”

A two-year subscription (4 issues total, beginning with Issue 2, including shipping and handling, a “flat,” and a GIGANTIC) is $32.

GIGANTIC BAGS are also available separately for the special “limited time only” price of $10 with free shipping and handling.

Interested parties may PayPal giganticmag [at]

Thank you.

Gigantic Issue 2: Gigantic America, Release Party, PPOW Gallery

Many warm thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday for the Gigantic Issue 2: Gigantic America Release Party at the PPOW Gallery in Chelsea! Thank you too to all our readers and performers and to PPOW for hosting the night’s events!

The evening featured a performance by Lydia Bell, original work by Sasha Fletcher and Justin Taylor, as well as a series of “surrogate readings” featuring content from the issue: Nina Schloesser reading Ken Sparling, Joshua Cohen reading Joe Wenderoth, Mike Topp reading Brian Beatty, and Kendra Grant Malone reading Deb Olin Unferth. In addition, the gallery hosted the installation of Brooklyn artist David Mahfouda’s 130-foot, handmade American flag, damaged during celebrations after Obama’s election and restored by the Brooklyn-based Fixers Collective.

Thank you to our photographer for the evening, Annabel Braithwaite for Belathée Photography.  For a full slide show of Annabel’s images from the evening please click here. In addition, The Hostess Project has generously posted a slide show on flickr.

Check out Christopher Koulouris of Scallywag & Vagabond’s pithy recap of the evening here. Thanks, Chris! 

It is safe to say, that this lot are onto something and a thorough read of what they have put out certainly had me invigorated and rather charmed […] With their America issue the editors were intent on discovering what it is to be American, where America lives at this moment and where America is possibly heading.  – Christopher Koulouris, Scallywag & Vagabond

Copies of Gigantic Issue 2: Gigantic America are now available in stores throughout the city, as well as these fine independents across the nation. Subscriptions are also available online here.

Stay tuned to our website for companion content to the new issue!

thank you
01/03/2010, 9:52 am
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thanks again to everyone who came out for the party. we felt honored to have some many wonderful people support the magazine. pix and more coming soon.

Gigantic Issue #2 Release Party

Flyer by Skyler Balbus

Please join us in celebrating the release of Gigantic‘s second issue: Gigantic America. Featuring interviews with Lydia Millet, Adrian Tomine and Sam Lipsyte; new fiction from Robert Coover and Leni Zumas; art by Thomas Doyle and Thomas Allen; along with collectible biographies of famous Americans, as written by, among others, Deb Olin Unferth, Michael Kimball, Clancy Martin and Stephen O’Connor.

Our launch party will include short readings from Gigantic #2 contributors Deb Olin Unferth, Stephen O’Connor and Sasha Fletcher; a special performance by artist Lydia Bell; a special “surrogate” reading of Brian Beatty’s work by Mike Topp; on view, Dinh Q. Lê’s Elegies; cheap drinks and all the fun and miscellaneous delights you’ve come to expect from things Gigantic.

Please stay tuned for more updates or check our facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=305800204437&ref=ts.

Gigantic Issue #2 Launch Party

Saturday, February 27, 2010


PPOW Gallery

511 W 25th St #301

New York, NY


we are helping present a reading
09/02/2010, 4:54 pm
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Thursday, Feb. 11th, 7pm

Vol. 1 Brooklyn and Gigantic Present:
Greatest Three-Minute Rock ‘n’ Roll Story Ever

You know, Brooklyn is a kind of alright place for music and books. But where can you find the two together? At Greatest Three-Minute Rock ‘n’ Roll Story Ever, that’s where.

Greatest Three-Minute Rock ‘n’ Roll Story Ever is where writers, rockers and raconteurs are united at last, relating three-minute stories of youth, sex, booze, noise and a little thing called rock ‘n’ roll.

Readings from:

Jami Attenberg (Author, The Melting Season)
Justin Taylor (Author, Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever)
Franz Nicolay (Musician/Writer, Complicated Gardening Techniques)
Zachary German (Author, Eat When You Feel Sad)
Nick Gazin (Artist, Vice Magazine)
-Jens Carstensen (The Giraffes)
-James Yeh (Gigantic)
-Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun/Girls in Trouble)
Kendra Grant Malone (Poet, author of the chapbook Conor Oberst Sex)
-Mike Conklin (L Magazine)
-Chelsea Hodson (poet)
-Maura Johnston (The Awl/Village Voice)
-Eric Davidson – New Bomb Turks/Author of We Never Learn)
-Lincoln Michel (Gigantic/The Faster Times)
-Derek Evers (Impose Magazine)
-Beverly Hames (Fox & Fawn/Vice blog)
-Aaron Lefkove (LiveFastDie/Liquor Store)
-Michaelangelo Matos (A.V. Club/The Stranger)

Plus! A Very special set by The Wailing Wall.

Hosted by Jason Diamond and James Yeh

Susan, Franz and Maria play rock covers on accordion


No cover, totally free.

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Avenue (at Driggs Ave)
Brooklyn, NY

What Gigantic People Have Been Up To
06/02/2010, 5:36 pm
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What Gigantic People Have Been Up To*

Ed Park (Gigantic #1) was a finalist for the PEN-Hemingway award and the Asian American Literary Award for Personal Days.  He has published fiction in PEN America #11 and Significant Objects, as well as nonfiction in Post Road #17, The New York Times Book Review, and The L Magazine.

Kevin Kwan (Gigantic #1) worked on Gore Vidal:  Snapshot’s in History’s Glare, Vidal’s third memoir, as well as on projects with and Nathan Wolfe.  He also began shooting for a film on the subway.

Todd Zuniga (Gigantic #1) launched Literary Death Match in Paris and London.

Pedro Ponce (Gigantic #1) will read at the Oregon Literary Arts-First Wednesday Reading on March 3, 2010 (Blackbird Wineshop, Portland, OR).

Justin Taylor (Gigantic #1) has a book coming out with Harper Perennial on February 9 entitled Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever.  He published in Electric Literature’s blog, The Outlet , New CollAge, Prism Index #1, and The Believer.  He also appeared in the film 60 Writers/60 Places.

Adam Wilson (Gigantic #1) contributes regularly to and The Faster Times.  He has fiction forthcoming in Promised Lands:  New Jewish Fiction on Longing and Belonging.

Shane Jones (Gigantic #1) published  his novel Light Boxes with PGP, which was later picked up by Penguin and Spike Jonze.  His chapbook The Nightmare Filled You with Scary was published through Cannibal.

Yuka Igarashi (Gigantic #1) represented Gigantic at Literary Death Match Ep. 16.

Dan Bevacqua (Gigantic #1) reviewed Ruben Foneseca’s The Taker and Other Stories for Words Without Borders.  His story “Numbers” appears in the current issue (#11) of 580 Split.

Kristen O’Toole (Gigantic #1) published work in Flatmancrooked and She will be reading her story at the Anderbo KGB NYC reading on Wednesday, Feb. 24 @ 7pm.

Lauren Spohrer (Gigantic #1) recently reviewed A.N. Wilson’s Our Times:  The Age of Elizabeth II.

Jerome Jakubiec (Gigantic #1) recently shot a look book for Lizzy Seklir’s Spring 2010 collection.

Nathaniel Russell (Gigantic #1) published a small run of his book Failed Memoires.  He has an exhibition coming up in February at Home Gallery in Chicago.

Anya Yurchyshyn (Gigantic #1) published fiction in Elimae, and the Adirondack Review.

Deb Olin Unferth (Gigantic #1 and #2) was awarded the Cabell First Novelist Award for Vacation, as well as a Creative Capital Grant from the Warhol Foundation.  She published work in Harper’sNoon, and The Millions.

Tao Lin (Gigantic #1) published his novel, Shoplifting From American Apparel, through Melville House.  He was interviewed by Michael Silverblatt, and launched his blog in Germany.  His novel Richard Yates is set to be released by Melville House in the fall of 2010.  He will be reading on February 12 as part of NYU’s Creative Writing Program’s reading series, and is published in the current edition of Noon.

Michael Kimball (Gigantic #2) made two films with Luca Dipierro— I Will Smash You and 60 Writers/60 Places.  He regularly contributes interviews to The Faster Times, and was interviewed himself by Madeleine Brand.  He hosted Baltimore’s recent Literary Death Match, and currently blogs as a guest lecturer at HTMLGiant.

Starlee Kine (Gigantic #2) recently read at Moth at the Met.

Clancy Martin (Gigantic #2) is published in the current edition of Noon.

Stephen O’Connor (Gigantic #2) published work in The New Yorker, Conjunctions #52, The Antioch Review, and Electric Literature #2.   His book Here Comes Another Lesson is forthcoming from Free Press.

Claudette Bakhtiar (Gigantic #2) was published in The L Magazine.

Brian Beatty (Gigantic #2) was interviewed by Peter Schwartz for the Prate interview series.

Blake Butler (Gigantic #2) recently published his novel Scorch Atlas though Featherproof Books.  He has fiction forthcoming in Birkensnake, Puerto des Sol, LIT and The Open Faced Sandwich.

Brian Allen Carr (Gigantic #2) has fiction forthcoming in Texas Review, NANO Fiction, Pank and NOÖ.

Robert Coover (Gigantic #2) will publish his novel Noir in March of this year through Overlook.

Luca Dipierro (Gigantic #2) made the films I Will Smash You, 60 Writers/60 Places and Dieci Teste.  He currently has an exhibition entitled The Art of Coffins on display at the Madison County Arts Council.  He will have a solo show in Berlin in the fall of this year.

Sasha Fletcher (Gigantic #2) will publish his chapbook I Ain’t Asked Any Pardon for Anything I Done through Greying Ghost later this year.  He has works forthcoming in Lit #17 and in Courduroy Mtn’s second print.  His piece entitled “One Day All Your Teeth Will Be Mine,” published in Gigantic‘s Mini Monster Issue, was selected to be included in Dzanc’s Best of the Web 2010.

Innocente Fontana (Gigantic #2) recently published her pieces “See America” and “What the Matter Is” on Spork’s Weekly Fiction series.

Reese Kwon (Gigantic #2) has fiction forthcoming in Epoch and Missouri Review.

Ravi Mangla (Gigantic #2) was a finalist for the third annual Micro Award for his story “Ethics.” His fiction piece “Hair” will be published by Gargoyle.

Meg Pokrass (Gigantic #2) was published by Monkeybicycle, 3 AM Magazine, Unmovable Feast and Elimae.  Her fiction either currently features or will be featured in Gargoyle, Toronto Quarterly, Dogs: Wet and Dry, Ampersand, Kitty Snacks, and Annalemma.

Leni Zumas (Gigantic #2) appears in the current edition of Salt Hill and in Kitty Snacks #2.

Thomas Allen (Gigantic #2) appears in the January 2010 issue of Harper’s.

Thomas Doyle (Gigantic #2) has an exhibition on display through February 26th at the Tower Fine Arts Gallery in Brockport, New York.  It is entitled “There’s No Place Like Here.”

Dylan Nice (Gigantic #2) appears in the forthcoming issue of Noon.

*”What Gigantic People Have Been Up To” is a monthly post on contributors’ publications, readings, etc.  If you would like to add an update, please contact

Congrats to Sasha Fletcher!
03/02/2010, 4:26 am
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Sasha Fletcher’s story “One Day All Your Teeth Will Be Mine,” originally published in the Gigantic Mini-Monster Issue, was selected as a Dzanc Best of the Web 2010! Congrats to Sasha.