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GIGANTIC welcomes Joe Wenderoth as the SEIZURE STATE Editor
18/03/2009, 10:47 am
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GIGANTIC welcomes Joe Wenderoth as the SEIZURE STATE Editor


“The SEIZURE STATE begins when someone understands that it is as impossible to go on as it is to not go on.” – Joe Wenderoth

Joe Wenderoth, the author of four books of poetry and one essay collection, has created a new culture-agon that aims to unmire itself of poetry and convey how the poetic manifests itself in the SEIZURE of ourselves.  It is called INSCRIPTIONS OF THE SEIZURE STATE and it will debut in GIGANTIC Print Issue 1, with work by the first featured SEIZURE PERSON, Jason Morphew.

GIGANTIC‘s forthcoming website will house the SEIZURE STATE’s corresponding blog, which will be helmed and forced to develop by The Dignitaries of the Seizure State.  Dignitaries include Matthew Zapruder as The Grandmother of Whatever Chairs There Are, Stuart Downs as The Secretary to the Green Fire, Gibby Haynes as The Infertile Impetus, and a good few others as others yet.  The SEIZURE STATE blog will feature a sort of living poet CANON, an internet porn site CANON, a music CANON, a YouTube CANON, and a SEIZURE cookbook.

Joe Wenderoth wants everyone to be psyched about THE SEIZURE STATE “generally.”



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